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Club History

For many years (before the war) a group of people played at the old Congregational Chapel, which was used as a schoolroom after the construction of the new Church at the top of Cabstand Hill.

The membership of this club was restricted to those who had links with the Congregational Church (now U.R.C.). The hall was not large enough for a full sized court, and a balcony, which extended over one end, further hampered play.

In the early 1940's this building was sold and subsequently became the HQ of the "Loyal Order of the Moose".

So the players still interested had to find a new home; they moved to the Folk Hall and Portishead Badminton Club as such was formed in 1945/6.

Badminton at the Folk Hall was "interesting". The court was full size but had very little space at the back or sides and players frequently cannoned off the walls. The greater hazard, however, were the crossbeams. The art of the game was to thread the shuttle through the beams so that it descended on an opponent with alarming speed. There was a large stage, on which those who were waiting their turn to play sat and talked.

Portishead Badminton Club asked to be entered in the Bristol & South Gloucestershire League in 1961. Due to the Club's location the League Committee had to amend one of their rules to accommodate this request. Rule 3 stated that teams had to be located within a 6-mile radius of the Bristol Bridge and Portishead was outside of this. However, the Committee decided to accept the Club since there was a bus route into Bristol, the last bus leaving Portishead at 10:30 p.m.

A team was entered, there being some 11 Divisions at that time. No records were kept of the team's performance but the standard must have been very good due to their being placed immediately into Division 8.

In 1964, the Club moved to Gordano School shortly after it opened, initially playing in the gymnasium and then into the Sports Hall following it's construction. The courts and facilities were much better and the Club was able to attract and retain players of a higher standard, some playing for the County.

The Club developed, increasing its membership, and entering a team in the North Somerset League during the early 1970's.

Portishead gained a dedicated sports venue when the Parish Wharf Leisure Centre was built. The Club moved from Gordano School to the new premises in 1997.

In the 2011/2012 season the club had one of its most successful years. Seven teams were entered into the North Somerset and Bristol leagues. In the Bristol league, the mens 1st team won division 3 and the mixed 1st team won division 4A. The mixed 2nd team and the ladies team also gained promotion. In the North Somerset league the mixed ‘A’ team gained promotion to division 1.

In 2021, the Club now meet at the new Sports Hall at Gordano School. During the Covid pandemic of 2020, Parish Wharf Sports Centre were unable to host our club, so we have been very fortunate to return to Gordano School after a 24 year absence.